Divided States Of America

So the Orange faced one had been voted out…and a new era is upon the DSA.  Congratulations to Joe Biden and to Kamala Harris.  I do not envy them their job.

The Senate is still Republican, so all the fine ideas Biden has for tackling Covid, Climate Change and the economy are going to face the same constant braking effect that Obama struggled with.

The outgoing president shows no signs of going out without kicking off the 2nd civil war and “his” people (nearly half of those who voted remember) are convinced that the election wasn’t fair…no idea yet why, but that is not the point…and they are livid.  I predict riots at best, civil war at worse and global war at absolute worst.

The federation is polarised – as is most of the world:  On the one hand Trump style fascism, in the form of the UK Conservative Party (and smaller right wing groups like UKIP, Britain First, EDL etc), Bolsonaro in Brazil, Orbán in Hungary etc etc, with the support of the Alt Right (Bannon, Breitbart, Farage, QAnon and so on), supported by Russia (though I think only in order to destabalise the West.  On the other the self-devouring centre left in the form of the EU, Starmer’s Labour in UK, and the almost (but thankfully not quite) unelectable Joe Biden…I say self-devouring because the right has been gifted power so many times recently by in-fighting (look at the fate of Corbyn in UK), excessive political correctness (those on the left don’t dare anything for fear of being labelled ant-something…the right have no such problem) and an incomprehensible dedication to Neo-Liberalism.

Trump has been demonised by the centre and the left…and that demonisation has led credibility to his claims of persecution.  There was no need to pile so much hatred upon him – his own words condemned him several times a day.  Yes, he appears to be an absolutely horrid person, and his politics are of varying quality.  But furthering the polarsiation of the nation by continually painting him as the main villain are unhelpful – The extreme right can point to bias in the media against him and sow doubt about everything else that is written.  And his followers will (and do) point out that he is the first US president to actually do most of what he promised to do, and the only one (or at least one of the only ones) not to start a war.  And the real villains are behind the scenes – the likes of Bannon and the corporations that have guided his political choices.

I – as many others – am very glad to see him go (assuming he does) and hope Biden & co can bring peace, unity, prosperity and decency to America.  But 70 million still voted Trump.  The danger is not past.  And we really can’t hope for a return to the pre-Trump days:  insane neoliberalism, unending warmongering and religious extremism, wrapped up in patriotism for a federation that appointed itself the policeman of the world in order to further its colonialist ambitions.

A new world order is emerging – America’s time may be over.  Trump may have been the final nail in the coffin.  We’ll see.  Whatever happens, it won’t be boring.  Unfortunately.

Old Irish Pub

Thanks everyone at The Old Irish Pub for a great weekend. Covid may be making life difficult, and both musician and those in the hospitality industry are suffering greatly, but people are still coming out – and being responsible about the restrictions and precautions – and having a good time listening to music and interacting. Even if it’s very early in the evening!
We’ve been playing 6:30 pm til 9:30pm…with the pub closing at 10pm…not much time to make money there! So thank you to The Old Irish Pub and all the other places that are still putting music on. We couldn’t live without you (us musicians financially and many many others psychologically!)
I’m at the one in Odense (with the amazing bar staff) this weekend too. Happy (for 2020) Days!

gigs this weekend in Odense

Hey folks…there will be no dancing, there will be limited numbers, there will be face masks and it’ll all be over at 21:30…BUT…

I’m going to be playing Friday and Saturday evening in Odense at the Old Irish Pub!  There is still some life left in Denmark!!!

covid update

Hello my brethren folkies…

The second wave is upon us, and even in Denmark, which has managed to stay fairly level headed, the restrictions are mounting.  The newest rules mean that it is pretty much impossible to do any live work.  Anyone has any other kind of work I can do, let me know!

In the meantime there are new singles coming out every month, the next one being It’s Good To Be Here on 1st November…this was supposed to be a summer song celebrating coming back to the world after lockdown, but there was a delay both at mastering and at the distributor, so I had to send it back in the queue…which means it is now a song about being happy about where you are stuck in the new lockdown.

2020 has been a financial H-bomb, but a lot of good has come from it.  I’ve been reading up on vegetable and fruit production; we now have sheep, chickens, ducks and goats (and baby goats in the spring!); I’ve improved my body, mind and found connection to my soul through yoga; I’ve learned a lot of new songs; the Love Stream on Wednesday nights is now an established tradition; Around 20 new songs (I think some of the best I’ve ever written) have been born; Brophy’s Law have been recording and releasing material; and I’ve had some quality time at home…and I was lucky enough to have an OK summer as Denmark opened up for a couple of months.

Hang in there everybody.  We can’t see each other in the flesh, but tune into the Love Stream, keep in touch and keep streaming and playing the music…

This too shall pass

love M

Brophy’s Law Band Camp

Had a magnificent weekend hosting Brophy’s Law’s first band camp here at Avalon Farm.  The lads were in fine form and it was fantastic to be playing music in a band setting again after so long.

A concert set based around the True Stories album and the upcoming singles was rehearsed up and 3 new songs developed and arranged and rehearsed.  We were well chuffed with the results.

It was great to use the studio here as rehearsal room – the room’s acoustic treatment really come into it’s own when there’s a band playing loud.

Check out the band on instagram (brophys.law) and from 24th October onwards you can get the album “True Stories” on vinyl…you lucky people!

no news is good news?

Usually I update this website every Monday – I like routines, as they bash a shape into a potentially chaotic lifestyle, particularly when I’m on tour.

The focus of these updates tends to be the “live” page, where all my upcoming concerts and performances are listed.  The last 2 weeks though, because of the current restrictions in Denmark and travel restrictions to neighbouring countries because of Covid-19 (the little bugger!), the only updates have been to write “cancelled” next to the few dates that were left!

So, I’m using that time to record and release the backlog of original songs I haven’t had time to do,  get stuff done on the farm, immerse myself in Yoga and meditation and look at other options and new plans for the future.

I’ll try and share some of it with you here and on social media as it happens.  Stay strong, stay safe, stay the right kind of crazy!


New release: It’s Good To Be Here

It’s been a while since “A different kettle of fish” came out…Corona Lockdown finally gave me the time I needed to finish the next release…

And this is the point where I was hoping to say that the new single “It’s Good To Be Here” will be released on 1st July…

…However, the mastering and distribution ends both delayed things so much that we now have to wait til November…which means it will be after what would have been the next 2 singles!  The first of which is….



1st september 2020 – new single! Down The Pub


We’re back!

A quick look at the concerts page should give you an idea of where we’re at as far as bringing the return of madness to the masses…obviously there are still restrictions on how many can be at gigs and the social distancing rules which we all need to follow (I’m not dancing on people’s tables atm) but we are moving towards a return to something similar to what some people inaccurately used to call “Normal”


The Wednesday night Love Streams on Facebook continue…

Live Stream Wednesday

Hi Folks!
The live streams on Facebook have been great fun and well received so I’m making it a regular event – until people have had enough…

Therefore there will be a concert of one hour’s duration every Wednesday from now on streamed live on the Martin Dale facebook page https://www.facebook.com/martindale.dk/. I will look into sharing it on YouTube and other sites, but for this week it’s just on FaceBook.

It is free entertainment…however, I always appreciate heckling, requests, comments, questions and general interaction! There is a paypal link and patreon page if anyone wants to contribute financially, but this is entirely voluntary.

Stay safe out there…come down to the virtual gig at the virtual pub!