Carried on a-Changing

Carried on a changing

from the album “A Different Kettle of Fish” (2015)

I see your portrait painted on a giant silver screen
with many names playing out in frames the scenes that you have seen
and i think of all the changes that you’re eyes could not have dreamed
and wonder just how many people i myself have beenas with the times I carried on a changing

if i said i understand you would you spit in my face
you who in your glory have left no-one in your place
my hero you have been in many different ways
at different times been different characters in different plays

as with the times i carried on a changing

they didn’t try you – just found you guilty of changing how you feel
challenged every word you wrote and if any of it was real
there’s been times i didn’t understand til the bell began to peel
like when it seemed you’d lost your passion, your zest and your zeal

as with the times you carried on a changing

but yes i found that that hole in my own good time
lost the will to fight lost the reason to rhyme
like you i found inside me a new chord that i could chime
a new voice to silence the tongues that charged me of my crimes

as with the times I carried on a changing

so just how many people have lived inside this frame
the clown and the preacher and the beast i tried to tame
the saviour and the sinner and the fool who dished out blame
philosopher, philanthropist, lover, and others with no name

who with the times have carried on a changing