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The Frozen Lake

I’ve been releasing a song every month for half a year soon, and the reason is quite simply that I have a huge backlog of material that I don’t know what to do with…albums are expensive to produce and there is not a huge market in them.  So rather than allow these songs (there’s hundreds of them) to gather dust, I thought some of you might like to hear them.

This year I will also try and give you the background to them…starting with January’s single…the nearly 7 minute long The Frozen Lake

About 8 years ago I did a weekend of gigs in Denmark with my old pal Ed Conway.  Those who don’t know him can see what he does here.  Ed and I used to play together in a band called Rumpus…we were fairly popular in the late 90’s and made a living out of a comedy/chaos/folk/rock/riot act involving stuffed toys, cucumbers, numerous hats and “death defying feats”.  It was probably the most fun time of my life.  On the way back to the airport that weekend we stopped for lunch by a frozen lake (it was winter).  This became the inspiration for a story that Ed wrote down in a little notebook.  A classic British folk song sort of tale with a Romeo and Juliet twist.

A while later Ed showed me the notebook which had a bunch of other ideas for songs (though none quite as detailed as The Frozen Lake) and said I should take the ideas and write the songs for a folk album called “The Anonymous Folkie”…So I started with the Frozen Lake.  One of the other songs listed was last month’s single “Beasts of Burden”…so I’ve so far managed 2!

Originally I thought it should be very British Folk style in a Fairport sort of arrangement, but the more I played with it the more I felt it lending itself to a Peter Gabriel era Genesis interpretation.  So I picked up my 12-string and there was no going back.  One day I may well do a more traditionally folk version (same with Beasts of Burden) as I still think The Anonymous Folkie would be a fun project.  But for now it’s turned into a Prog Rock sort of thing, and I quite like it like that.

As with all the singles released so far I play all the instruments, sing, produced and engineered the whole thing.  This one has a lot more instrumentation than the previous offerings…so here’s a quick run down of what was used:

Vocals (recorded with U87  microphone going through Focusrite Liquid Channel emulating a classic Neve desk)

Martin HD 28V acoustic guitar

Guild GAD 12 string guitar

Musicman Stingray bass guitar

Fender Stratocaster going through Vox AC30

Roland RD300 stage piano (for midi keys)


Drum Samples



The lyrics are:

On a cold clear winter’s night stars reflect in the lake

Tears for her sweetheart filled her eyes

Till they could no longer hold the salt water drops

That drip ripples on the watery skies

It was tomorrow she was to wed but no bride will she be

The press gang took her fiancee away

To fight for king and country on some far off shore

With but a promise to return again one day

Each day she sits on the shore of the lake

Where as a child she had played

Staring at the other side where her true love had lived

And she longs to return to those days

Through the winter she could cross the frozen lake

To her love who lived on the other side

When the birds return and the ice begins to break

in the spring he shall make her his bride

She senses the bad news before it is spoke

In battle he drew his last breath

His body could not found but they all saw him go down

Sounds the news of his untimely death

Quite beside herself she walked into the lake

Walked on til the current pulled her down

And the icy cold water swallowed her pain

And in the dark depths she was drowned

A layer of ice formed on the waters that night

The coldest night we ever saw

And for a whole year winter cast a shroud across the land

12 months and the lake didn’t thaw

Through the winter she would cross the frozen lake

to her love who lived on the other side

When the birds return and the ice begins to break

in the spring he shall make her his bride

12 months of winter and a soldier appears

Enquiring where his betrothed might be

He is told of her death in the waters so cold

And in tears he is led off to see

He sat on the ice his heart heavy with grief

Salty tears melting the ice

Til underneath he can see the face of his love

And he thinks he hears her desperate cries

He broke through the ice to dive down to his love

Convinced that new life he could bring

And in her arms he drowned and the lake began to thaw

On that very first morning of spring

In the winter she would cross the frozen lake

To her love who lived on the other side

Now the birds return and the ice begins to break

For it is the spring and he shall make her his bride

New Year’s Love Stream

Hi Folks

Hope you all had a good Christmas, Yule, Solstice, Hanukkah or whatever else you might celebrate in these days. 2020 is about to end (I think a few of you may be relieved) and to say “goodbye and good riddance” I’ll be looking back at the year from where I’ve been on the last Love Stream of 2020 on my facebook page

See you in 2021…hopefully in real life!

Blessings to you

covid update

Well…gradually Northern Europe ground to a second lockdown…bit by bit…country and region by country and region…so I now have no gigs left this year.

Hopefully the Brophy’s Law gigs in January are still on: 14th at Turbinen in Randers (this should be Ok whatever – they’ve managed to stay open all the way through) and Amager Bio in Copenhagen (fingers crossed for this one – there can’t be many people in Copenhagen who haven’t already had the virus!!)

Solo gigs will begin again as soon as the Government gives the go ahead…plus the time it takes to make the phone calls and organise the calendar.  Strong Ale are planning big things in small places, but need the Covid go-ahead…so basically…we just have to wait it out and hope that we survive.

Wednesday evening Love Streams have been interrupted by a couple of things that couldn’t be moved (I may not have gigs but I ain’t stopped working!)…but will continue as before each Wednesday whenever possible over on FaceBook.

Take care of each other and hope to see you at the Love Streams and in real life in the not too far distant future!

love and cabbage!


New Single! Beasts of Burden

Hey folks…

Another month is upon us and instead of filling your stockings with more Christmas music, my latest single (available 1st December) is a Neil Young inspired song about working animals…Beasts of Burden

The idea came from a notebook belonging to my good friend, ex-bandmate and all round good geezer Ed Conway check out what he does here: and here:

The notebook contained ideas for an album’s worth of songs…ranging from just song titles to complex stories.  This month’s single had the title “Beasts of Burden” and specified Yak, Buffalo, Camel and I think Bison…it ended up with mules and Shire horses too.

Ed wrote the ideas down for me to turn into a folk music album…which might still happen…but in the mean time I took this idea and another one called “The Frozen Lake” (which will be the next single) and allowed them to grow into whatever seemed to fit…this one went into a sort of Neil Young vibe and the Frozen Lake into a 1970’s prog rock Genesis sort of thing…I decided not to intervene.

Again on this single and the next I am playing all instruments, recorded at Avalon and have put it all together alone…hope you guys enjoy it…links below as soon as it is released!

Old Irish Pub

Thanks everyone at The Old Irish Pub for a great weekend. Covid may be making life difficult, and both musician and those in the hospitality industry are suffering greatly, but people are still coming out – and being responsible about the restrictions and precautions – and having a good time listening to music and interacting. Even if it’s very early in the evening!
We’ve been playing 6:30 pm til 9:30pm…with the pub closing at 10pm…not much time to make money there! So thank you to The Old Irish Pub and all the other places that are still putting music on. We couldn’t live without you (us musicians financially and many many others psychologically!)
I’m at the one in Odense (with the amazing bar staff) this weekend too. Happy (for 2020) Days!

gigs this weekend in Odense

Hey folks…there will be no dancing, there will be limited numbers, there will be face masks and it’ll all be over at 21:30…BUT…

I’m going to be playing Friday and Saturday evening in Odense at the Old Irish Pub!  There is still some life left in Denmark!!!

covid update

Hello my brethren folkies…

The second wave is upon us, and even in Denmark, which has managed to stay fairly level headed, the restrictions are mounting.  The newest rules mean that it is pretty much impossible to do any live work.  Anyone has any other kind of work I can do, let me know!

In the meantime there are new singles coming out every month, the next one being It’s Good To Be Here on 1st November…this was supposed to be a summer song celebrating coming back to the world after lockdown, but there was a delay both at mastering and at the distributor, so I had to send it back in the queue…which means it is now a song about being happy about where you are stuck in the new lockdown.

2020 has been a financial H-bomb, but a lot of good has come from it.  I’ve been reading up on vegetable and fruit production; we now have sheep, chickens, ducks and goats (and baby goats in the spring!); I’ve improved my body, mind and found connection to my soul through yoga; I’ve learned a lot of new songs; the Love Stream on Wednesday nights is now an established tradition; Around 20 new songs (I think some of the best I’ve ever written) have been born; Brophy’s Law have been recording and releasing material; and I’ve had some quality time at home…and I was lucky enough to have an OK summer as Denmark opened up for a couple of months.

Hang in there everybody.  We can’t see each other in the flesh, but tune into the Love Stream, keep in touch and keep streaming and playing the music…

This too shall pass

love M

Brophy’s Law Band Camp

Had a magnificent weekend hosting Brophy’s Law’s first band camp here at Avalon Farm.  The lads were in fine form and it was fantastic to be playing music in a band setting again after so long.

A concert set based around the True Stories album and the upcoming singles was rehearsed up and 3 new songs developed and arranged and rehearsed.  We were well chuffed with the results.

It was great to use the studio here as rehearsal room – the room’s acoustic treatment really come into it’s own when there’s a band playing loud.

Check out the band on instagram ( and from 24th October onwards you can get the album “True Stories” on vinyl…you lucky people!

no news is good news?

Usually I update this website every Monday – I like routines, as they bash a shape into a potentially chaotic lifestyle, particularly when I’m on tour.

The focus of these updates tends to be the “live” page, where all my upcoming concerts and performances are listed.  The last 2 weeks though, because of the current restrictions in Denmark and travel restrictions to neighbouring countries because of Covid-19 (the little bugger!), the only updates have been to write “cancelled” next to the few dates that were left!

So, I’m using that time to record and release the backlog of original songs I haven’t had time to do,  get stuff done on the farm, immerse myself in Yoga and meditation and look at other options and new plans for the future.

I’ll try and share some of it with you here and on social media as it happens.  Stay strong, stay safe, stay the right kind of crazy!