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New album from Brophy’s Law – True Stories

October 2019…was the month that the new album from Brophy’s Law, entitled “True Stories” came out…featuring Mr. Dale on bass on all tracks except the opening one.  The band has been going from strength to strength the last couple of years, and it wonderful to finally have a product I can point people to…and one that I think is mighty fine.

The first 3 songs are about travelling – Neil Brophy was a backpacker in the old days, and these songs are from that period, when he’d move from place to place in Australia and New Zealand and elsewhere, playing his guitar and collecting true stories.  “Road to Meo” is also a journey – this time into yourself and your own personal destiny.  The first single, “Nice to know” is about then coming home to your hometown and finding that so little has changed while you were away.

“Record Collector” is probably my favourite track on the album – a post-punk celebration of the record collection and the lifestyle that went with it.  A good description of most of my teenage years.  Fear of fear is a critique of the mass-hysteria over reaction to the migrant “crisis” of 2016, caused by the right wing propaganda machine that owns much of the West’s press.  “Bears go Fishing” is a happy clappy live number that hopefully cheers everone up after the political song…”Lucky People” continues the upward vibe and “Viking Rover” is another “True” story – of how some viking ghosts came from Ireland to Denmark to build a pub…

Have a listen here:

whole album on Spotify:

Paddy’s Day Shenanigans

Feeling blown away by the audiences at the weekend…especially St. Patrick’s day at The Old Irish Pub on Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen – what a huge crowd of party animals!  You Beauties!

Friday I was playing with Strong Ale in the afternoon at Vesterbrogade and then we did the evening at The Old Irish Pub at Frederiksberg.  Saturday afternoon Strong Ale went back to Vesterbrogade for a fantastic gig before crossing town again to play Saturday night with Brophy’s Law (officially still Neil Brophy Band at that point).  A few problems with the sound but a great audience.

Then Sunday – Paddy’s day.  We had no idea how it would work…it being a Sunday and all.  But Steven Cooper did a cracking afternoon set that set Strong Ale up for a great gig at 4:30…and when Brophy’s Law played at 9 o’clock the atmosphere was incredible.  Party people from all over the world all being “Irish” together and dancing and singing to our banjos and bagpipes…love it.

been a while! been busy

So the crazy intensity of the summer gigging schedule has finally eased off and last week I only did 3 gigs!  This week I break all records and only do a weekend at the Old Irish Pub in Frederikshavn – a gig I haven’t played before, and am looking forward to.

So what have I been up to instead?

Well, last Thursday (as I did a couple of days the week before) I was at Media Sounds Studio in Copenhagen recording for the forthcoming Neil Brophy album, which so far is sounding amazing.  The backing vocals went down in no time and I’m well chuffed with them.  I then zapped down to the Scottish Pub to play a 4 hour session there before driving back to the farm on Fyn.

Home at Avalon I continued the sealing of the windows in the studio before driving with the Leprechaun and Vupti the dog over to Helsingør.  Fabulous night at The Old Irish Pub with folks I haven’t seen for a decade and a resurgeance of long forgotten jokes, and some hilarious drunk Swedes.  Had several drinks with various staff members afterwards and caught about 4 hours sleep in the “Dungeon”

Saturday I had breakfast with old friends and a good catch up.  Went for a walk and to inspect a horse with The Leprechaun and her friend, then had fab vegan food courtesy of the artist sometimes known as Michael Donnan.  Saturday night’s gig was less hilarious than the previous, but picked up nicely and ended with a good party by the pool tables with Leprechaun, Steffan, Felix (Lucas) and a bunch of fun people.

Sunday we drove back to Avalon – forgetting en route to drop off the drum kit we’d brought over for Stokkebye. (and having forgotten my guitar on the stage earlier!).  Since then I’ve been recording childrens’ lullabies for the new-born daughter of some friends.  It’s turned out quite nice , so anyone else wanting a copy, let me know.

last week – marielyst and odense plus moullettes @ loppen

Last week I was in Marielyst on the Thursday night at the newly renovated and much larger Café Daisy.  They came with cake for me in the break, having found out that it was my birthday!  Very fun night with very fun people…will be back there in the summer (outside if the weather’s good) both solo and with Strong Ale.

On Friday I did the early set at The Old Irish Pub in Odense followed by 2 sets with Strong Ale.  Quite a lot of people I know there and a fab evening with a very drunk Leprechaun and Miss Monkey.  Saturday night I did the late set after the Strong Ale sets.  Fabulous evening again once the crowd got into gear.

On Sunday The Leprechaun and I went to Copenhagen, and, after eating at Pairøen (Copenhagen Street Food) we watched Moulettes play at Loppen in Christiania.  Amazing musicians and terrific use of cello and harmony vocals, and very inventive guitar playing and fantastic drumming, combined with Loppen’s brilliant sound…but still somewhat disappointing.  The interaction with the audience was embarrassingly ill-thought out and awkward, and the band really looked like they didn’t want to be there.  Still, we had a great night – rounded off nicely with drinks at Downtown Copenhagen where the greatest bar staff looked after us and a bunch of English visitors.  Happy days.


2 great nights at The Old Irish Pub in Randers.  It’s a really class venue – not in the least pub-like, more a concert experience.  I got the feeling they were used to background music, but (particularly the second night) the audience got involved and was on-side.  One weird drunken buffoon caused a bit of bad vibes:  I love hecklers, but coming onto the stage and shouting at me to play a danish song while I’m in the middle of a song is actually pretty annoying 😉  Anyway, ignore bad behaviour long enough and it tends to go away!

Spent Saturday afternoon walking with a friend in the beautiful nature behind the Rainforest (yes, they have an indoors rainforest).  The river and surrounding nature is stunning, particularly on such a beautiful sunny, winter’s day.  Afterwards I watched an impressive Wolves performance against Newcastle (they didn’t deserve to lose!).

Took the train there and back – got to love a country where the public transport works so well.

This week, I’m off to Marielyst, Falster and then doing weekend gigs in Odense (just up the road)…I think Brian Armstrong will be joining me.  Just waiting for confirmation!

weekend in Frederiksværk and Roskilde

Just back from a weekend on Sjælland again.  Slusen in Fredeiksværk was a delight to play.  A small café type venue, with no room to set up in, but with a lovable and engaged audience and more atmosphere than you’d ever believe you could get in so little room.  Had a fab night.  Stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast in Melby (Karna and Per on Melbyvej).

Had a chilled day in Roskilde on Saturday and then a gig at Mulligans – I’d played there 2 weeks ago and it had been one huge party with everyone singing along, dancing, screaming and clapping.  Well, they made me work for it this time.  But we got there in the end!!!  The first set was good, the second one I died….then the last set was great – proving that a musician should never give up and should give it everything to make sure an evening is a success ever time.  I often wonder when a gig doesn’t seem to be kicking off properly – is it something I’m doing?  It is never the audience’s fault if you have a bad gig…well, I fixed it in the last set and all was well that ended well.  Watching people dancing and everyone singing along to Make mine a Pilsner at the end made my day!

A drive back to Avalon of about 1 1/12 hours and I poured myself a glass of Bowmore 18.  Weekend over.  Time for my weekend to start.

Video a week on

Hi and happy new year beloved folkies!

A new feature for 2017 is the Martin Dale patreon page at:

Here you can see live performances of songs, background info about the songs, thoughts about new songs and much more.  Better still, it’s an interactive experience – you can tell me what you think, ask me questions, make requests or say whatever you feel like to me!  I’ll reply to every post.

It’s launched today (1st January 2017) and there will be a new video (plus background info video) every Sunday come rain or shine, as well as bonus recordings, musings, song sketches etc.

Click the buttons and become part of it.  You know you want to!

Neil Brophy UK tour roundup

Had a wonderful week eating great British food and drinking great British ales, whilst playing great British venues in Great Britain.  Neil Brophy Band made its first steps into the great British music market and at the same time had lots of fun and giggles.

First port of call after driver and on-road entertainment Jim picked us up from Luton airport, was Dublin Castle in Camden, London, where sound crew Martin and Jens from Powerstage were waiting.  Not a big crowd, but a good way to warm up for the tour, with reunions with old friends, quality curry beforehand, quality beer after and an unexpected headline slot, when the headliners didn’t show up.

After a sardine night at the hostel, we headed up to Northampton, and, having sampled pie, mash and mushy peas and admired Jim’s hotrod, played a much longer set at The Black Prince.

Next day we went to The Adelphi in Hull (after eating the best fish and chips in the world).  This place is like traveling directly back in time to the 80’s.  Great atmosphere, retro-sound, characature characters and terrific beer.  This was the first of 3 gigs supporting the wonderful Blackbeard’s Tea Party – lovely people, and great musicians.  A really fun night, and a great response from the crowd.

Long trip the next day to the beautiful city of Chester, where we stayed with the wonderful Brian and Ann.  The venue – Telford’s Warehouse – was as beautiful as the city, the sound fantastic and the audience appreciative.

The last day was more relaxed due to shorter driving distance…just up t’road to Manchester.  Fac 251 is the old Factory Records building, and there’s a sense of rock n roll history in the place.  Another great night and both NBB and Blackbeard’s were on fire.

Lovely to be back in Denmark now, but what a great week in the UK!


Will soon be off to the UK in one of my rare excursions outside of Europe 😛

Originally I was just going to go on a road trip with a mate to see Christy Moore play in Swansea.  This is still the case, but since booking that, it seems I have to stay a little longer in Britain.

Neil Brophy Band (of which, for those who don’t know, I am the bassist) have teamed up with Blackbeard’s Tea Party (one of my favourite bands) and will be warming up for them in Hull, Chester and Manchester in October.  Plus a couple of other dates without the Tea Party, one in London at the Dublin Castle and one in Northampton at The Black Prince…look on the “Live” page for the dates and venues!  This will be fun in more ways than I can express.  And even more fun if I get to see some of you Brits I so rarely catch up with!

I will also be doing a solo tour (just a couple of weeks) in April next year…watch this space

Jutland tour blog

Sometimes I have to write things down just so I can remember some of what’s happened. Life seems to whiz past in a bit of a blur, where I just take moments here and there to take it all in before it all just zaps off again into music-fuelled, people filled hecticness. so…
On the 14th I was up at Vejlby Klit playing to a frozen audience outside Café John Wayne. Hats off to the determined revellers who stayed to the end in the cold wind. Next stop was a Strong Ale gig at You’ll never walk alone in Kolding. The weather meant it had to be held inside but it was still great fun and an enthusiastic audience. No time to hang around afterwards as I had to be in Aalborg for a midnight start at The Old Irish Pub on Jomfru Ane Gade. I was greeted by the fabulous barstaff with sambuca shots and had a really fun gig – slow to get going but always something happening. A lone Nowegian lad was sitting alone at a table with a whole bottle of vodka and 6 cans of red bull – clearly the way to make new friends. I helped him out.
Which explains the hangover on Saturday when playing the same gig, but to a bigger audience.
I got a day off which I spent back home on Fyn, and then Monday drove up to Fur. I love this island, and I love the gig, which is outside on the harbour in a kind of beer garden sort of space outside the tiny “Skuret” pub. Again the weather was awful, but people wrapped themselves up in blankets and we had a grand old time.
Tuesday was at Nørrelands Dansested in Holstebro and was the biggest audience I’ve seen there. Again a great atmosphere (and now with a new stage). Stopped at a lovely B&B out in the countryside. Then on to Fjand Gårdbutik – one of my favourite “regular” gigs. I say regular as I have played there every summer for the last 4 years or so. The audience is a sit down and listen sort of crowd, and they join in with everything and are always really receptive. Per and Majbritt, the owners, are also such lovely people and the whole farmyard atmosphere is so charming and completely different from pretty much everything else I play.
Thursday I went back to Vejlby Klit – this time with good weather, which meant we could set up in the better position across the car park, with much more audience room. A fabulous night, with a wonderful international audience, and plenty of CD sales (that’s what we like!).
I drove home afterwards (with a doubly whisky in the cup holder which I drank on arrival home!). And that was it for Jutland.
Friday I headed east and did Ballerup Festival with Strong Ale. Great weather, great crowd. I had 40 minutes to get off that stage and onto the next stage at Mulligans in Roskilde (made it with 10 minutes to spare!) and, again the Danish summer happiness was everywhere. Great fun, and a meet up with old friends. Saturday I was back at Ballerup Festival to play bass with Neil Brophy Band – at possibly the best performance we’ve ever given. Great audience, great sound (from Powerstage) and great atmosphere again.
I was up on Fur again yesterday where the weather was better and thus the audience bigger. Now, having got through my paperwork, I am free for a couple of days, and the sun is shining, so see you all later!