Down The Pub

You’ll find us down the pub.

It’s been a bad year for Pub owners and landlords…(not to mention musicians).  Corona closed down the entire sector…but gradually, land by land, pubs started opening again.  In some cultures – for example in Britain where Martin Dale grew up – the pub has a central place in community life.

A place to meet.  Live music venue.  A place to hang out, chat, play games.  A place to hold meetings, end meetings, have breaks from meetings.  A place to eat.  A place to party.

Here comes the new single from Martin Dale – a joyous (maybe idealised) celebration of the great British Pub culture, as a response to the insular stay at home culture of the modern world (particularly in the wake of Covid 19).  Timed to hopefully coincide with business as usual (or maybe improved) for Pubs around the Corona-hit world.

With its reggae base, with folk, rock, indie, electronica and classical guitar thrown in, it is a deliberate acknowledgement of the huge cultural variety found in pub culture.  The reggae rhythm makes it very danceable and adds layers of feel good happy vibes.

Martin Dale is a folk singer/singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist and entertainer, who – pandemics aside – tours constantly, mostly in Scandinavia, UK and India.  Pubs were where he started – playing in bands on band nights, singing at pub based folk clubs, performing as a troubadour…Despite being established at festivals, markets and mainstream venues, he still performs regularly in pubs.  Lockdown transformed him, along with many other performers into an online streaming artist…he continues his popular Wednesday night live stream (Love Stream) events despite being out gigging again, because it is fun.  And so all of those who stay at home in front of a screen instead of going down the pub get to join in.

He plays all the instruments on this single himself, and is also producer, engineer, manager, road crew, bar staff and groupie…he was in quarantine after all!

Originally from England, Martin has been living in Denmark for the last 20 years, and became a Danish citizen earlier this year.  He is known for a relentless energy, lightly whisky-soaked voice, eccentric performances and an increasingly battered hat.  He lives on a farm on the island of Fyn, surrounded by sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and guitars.  About 3 miles from the pub.


Reggae singer-songwriter acoustic pub pub culture British novelty bar catchy danceable upbeat happy cheerful positive


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