Finally Home

I left my home when I was young in search of fortune faith and fun
From place to place, like a prisoner on the run
I crossed a thousand mountains steep and went from  desert sands to sea
Always finding a new place for me to be
And now I’m many miles away and it’s a lovely sunny day
And it seems so long ago that I set sail

It’s been a long long journey
Taken a long long time, but I find
I’ve finally arrived
It’s been a long hard lesson
But the answers are my own
Now I find myself
Finally Home

I was busy chasing dreams and each time I caught one it seemed
That the next one was so tantalizingly near
I was happy all along but aware that something inside was wrong
An ever present need to belong
And now I’m sitting with an ice cold beer
Not quite sure how I got here
And it seems so far away from childhood tears