Martin Dale

Despite over three decades of recording and gigging experience, Martin Dale is still an energetic, youthful and entertaining performer, folk singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.  Playing around 230-250 gigs a year, he’s mostly on the road, performing as a solo folk singer/troubadour/entertainer, as half of the Folk duo Strong Ale, a third of Party Rockers Aliens! and a fifth of Folk Rock outfit Neil Brophy Band, and much more he has also released 2 albums of his own compositions on the Short Fuse label.

Former front man with Wolverhampton Psychedelic Prog Rockers “Whirly Blues” and Comedy and Chaos Folk Act “Rumpus”, he has steadily worked the live circuits of Northern Europe, spreading his infectious joy and energy, warped humour and lightly whisky soaked voice for the last 30 years.

His first solo album “Fisk?” was recorded with legendary producer Flemming Rasmussen at the console, and contained the cult hit “Make mine a Pilsner”  which has been sung at pubs and parties all over Europe since.

The second album “A Different Kettle of Fish” is another joyful album: more acoustic than the previous album, and thus more representative of his live solo work.

Since 2001 he’s been based in Denmark, and in 2017 opened Avalon Studios on his farm in southern Fyn, where he’s now working on recordings for the next few releases.

Martin Dale – Troubadour Show

dsc_0216British singer, guitarist and entertainer Martin Dale combines musical proficiency, natural showmanship and an abundance of energy into a crowd pleasing troubadour show that, while aimed at pub audiences, fits any occasion.
With over 30 years of performing experience playing in bands and solo at venues big and small in Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, France, Germany and The Faroe Isles, he has the confidence to make close contact with any audience.
Specializing in British and Irish folk classics, he also has a repertoire of over 600 pop and rock favorites from artists such as The Beatles, Creedence, Robbie Williams, Queen, The Stones, Clapton, Springsteen and many many more along with his own purpose built compositions. Democratic to the extreme, and able to be a human jukebox, his shows often end up improvised around audience requests.
Unlike many other troubadours, he moves around a venue using wireless technology to make active contact with the audience, using humour and props to break the ice. As well as persuading people to drink, Martin delivers music people like with a big friendly smile.

Strong Ale

Something’s brewing – Brian Armstrong and Martin Dale bang out the folk music of Ireland, Scotland, England and America with harmony vocals, banjo, mandolin, mandola, guitar and heaps of humour. Sing a sea shanty, dance a jig, stamp your feet or out-stare your stout to a ballad. 50% folk music 50% entertainment.  100% proof.

Their first album, “The Beaten Track” – a collection of favourite (mostly) Irish folk songs – is on digital download and streaming services and on CD from HERE

The latest project entitled “Songs from the Seas” is a collection of sea shanties and maritime music

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Neil Brophy Band

603583_10151355412887105_1543659248_nNeil Brophy is a singer-songwriter in the best British tradition. Finding inspiration in smalltown England, he sings about life as an apprentice on the factory floor, where football matches, record collecting, going to the pub were the recipe of youth – But the road was always on the cards and so he also writes about leaving to travel the world on a never ending pilgrimage of live performance and revelry where he kept his Roots in his Boots………With a kicking folk-rock band featuring bagpipes, banjos, whistles, mandolins, bass and drums, 5 front-men, a glint in the eye, and a pint of lager – it’s the ultimate festival act

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aliens 2

A legal alien from Britain – entertainer, singer and bassist Martin Dale – teamed up through a wormhole in the fabric of space-time with Danish Guitarist Klaus Benzen and Drummer Peter Stokkebye to create “the ultimate retro party band”.

The result is “Aliens!”, a band that is purpose built to get any party rocking. If you want a dancefloor full of gyrating bodies and smiling faces, this is the band you need.

Playing only well known classics (though glued together with famous TV and film themes) “Aliens!” perform an energetic and extrovert show comprising audience participation, visual antics and rocked up versions of your favorite songs in both English and Danish.

So if you’re planning a party, a festival or a wild night at your bar, contact the men in black, set phasers to stun and teleport down the “Aliens!” You know you want to.


398327_10150953626054129_747564128_13155485_558473700_nIn England in 1998 Ed Case Conway teamed up with Martin Dale to form a duo hell bent on bringing the right kind of madness into the pub music scene. They developed a show consisting of horse races, cucumber fights, keep fit routines, ritual dog drowning, death-defying feats, a bit of Irish folk music and more hats than you could shake a beaver at. Within a year the calendar was bursting at the seams, and soon they developed into a band with Tim Hubball (bass) and Bebee (drums) joining as The Rhythm Maniacs, drove thousands of miles to hundreds og gigs, released 3 cd’s, played in all kinds of venues in the UK, Poland and Denmark, and ended up with a loyal and slightly unhinged following. Every now and then they get together and relive the wild days of their youth