The other day I was sitting in a quaint little coffee place in Odense, drinking really good coffee and listening to someone ordering a vegetarian sandwich, when I realised suddenly how much Denmark has changed since I arrived back in 2001.

While it’s unavoidable that we notice the horrendous rise in xenophobia, racism, inequality and poverty, and the less obvious but equally odious tendency to prioritise the individual over the collective, and the disdain for paying taxes (of which the Danes were formerly so proud), we must acknowledge the good changes.

Like good coffee and vegetarian food.

I’d add to that supermarkets that are open til 10pm, better service in the service industries (more smiles and hellos), improved animal welfare (outside of conventional farming) and a huge increase in organic produce (despite the current government’s opposition to it).  And availability of real Cheddar cheese!

So well done Denmark for changing these things for the better.  Or am I just wallowing in my own culture’s infiltration?

Cornish pasties next please 😉