Our little Fox Terrier Vupti wanted me to do top 10 for him this week, so here we go…the top 10 dog songs:

1. Elvis Presley/ Big Mama Thornton – Hound Dog

2. Dr. John – How Come My Dog Don’t Bark When You Come Round

3. Trad. – The Irish Rover (Ok, it’s about a ship, but a dog features prominently in it)

4. Everyone in Denmark – Himmelhunden.  (Actually a Swedish song, but whatever happens don’t tell the Danes, who think it is their deputy national anthem – and more fun to sing drunk than the official ones)

5. AC/DC – Dog eat Dog.  (Figurative use of dogs, but dogs non the less)

6. Beatles – Hey Bulldog

7. Willie Dixon – Walking The Dog

8. Shubidua – Vuffeli Vov (Far better than the English version “Dog shot in my garden when I cut the grass”, which is very disappointing despite the rhyming of “Rastaman” and “Dobermann”.)

9. Led Zeppelin – Black Dog (clearly nothing to do with dogs and definitive proof that Justin Bieber wasn’t the first to write dreadful lyrics – by heck it’s great rock n roll though)

10. Tom Waits – Rain Dogs (No dogs here either…good job I don’t have to find any more dog songs)

2 of these are in Danish, so we’ll throw in Manfred Man’s “Pluto the Dog” which is an instrumental, and thus works in any language.