2016? I know, I know…but for me it’s been a great year.

Lots of festivals and UK tour with Neil Brophy Band, markets and pubs with Strong Ale, a couple of parties and events with Aliens, and a really busy year doing all sorts as a one man minstrel monkey…particularly helped by a whole bunch of newly launched and thoroughly brilliant “The Old Irish Pub”s all over Denmark.

Recording of the single “Fear of Fear” with Neil Brophy Band and preparation of the video project about to be launched on patreon.com.  Several trips to Britain and Norway and lots of great festivals, including the best Glastonbury ever.  And of course the big event – moving to Avalon, our new home in Denmark (and the beginning of Avalon Studios!)

Got to see some great bands: The Great Malarkey, John Grant, Afro Celt Sound System, Treacherous Orchestra, Christy Moore, Aurora, Blackbeards Tea Party and Of Monsters and Men among others.

We’ll take the consequences of Brexit and Trump next year…for me it will be challenging even if we don’t end up in world war 3…and we can feel sad at the loss of some of my great heroes (particularly Bowie – who left us with one of his best ever albums as a farewell…what a way to go!)  But I have food in my belly, a roof over my head, music all around, good health, an amazing wife and wonderful friends and family.  Lucky monkey.  Blessings to you all