So it’s St. Patrick’s Day and a joyous day it is for folk like me who like Irish pubs, Irish folk music, Irish whisky and Guinness.  The marketing department of Guinness is, of course, the reason it is celebrated in the style it is in so many countries with otherwise minimal ties to The Emerald Isle.

I keep wondering when St. Austell brewery is going to do the same marketing trick for St. Piran’s Day (I have all the Cornish songs ready!).  Or if Banks’s could do the same for Wolverhampton…no idea who the patron saint of the Black Country is.  St. Bully?

If you are going green for the day and joining in the Craic – a very happy Paddy’s Day to you.  Hope you have a great party wherever you are.  A big “Sláinte” to all the Irish out there.  I’ll be at The Irish Rover in Copenhagen playing lots and lots of Irish songs and tunes with Strong Ale.  Come down and make mine a Guinness!