A legal alien from Britain – entertainer, singer and bassist Martin Dale – teamed up through a wormhole in the fabric of space-time with Danish Guitarist Klaus Benzen and Drummer Peter Stokkebye to create “the ultimate retro party band”.

The result is “Aliens!”, a band that is purpose built to get any party rocking. If you want a dancefloor full of gyrating bodies and smiling faces, this is the band you need.

Playing only well known classics “Aliens!” perform an energetic and extrovert show comprising audience participation, visual antics and rocked up versions of your favourite songs

Sometimes Klaus is replaced by Brian Armstrong from Strong Ale – thus becoming Strong Aliens….of course!

So if you’re planning a party, a festival or a wild night at your bar, contact the men in black, set phasers to stun and teleport down the “Aliens!” You know you want to.