Roaring Maggie is an entertaining new folk music trio from Denmark made up of ex-pats from Scotland, Ireland and England.  Influenced by Planxty, Pentangle and Silly Wizard among others, they play folk songs (both traditional and contemporary) and dance tunes (jigs, reels, polkas etc) from around the British Isles, performed with joy, energy, confidence and humour.

Formed in 2022, the band consists of William McLaughlin on whistles, bodhrán, octave mandola, uilleann pipes, guitar, melodeon and vocals, Martin Dale on guitar, bouzouki, bodhrán and vocals and Brian Armstrong on mandolin, mandola, banjo, guitar and vocals.  Their sound is defined by the ever changing soundscape of the instrumentation and by their lush vocal harmonies.  All three are vastly experienced musicians with many years on stage behind them.

They met through the Danish music scene and Martin and Brian have played together as a duo (Strong Ale) for several years and together with William in Celtic-rock band Brophy’s Law.  This project, however, gives them room to cultivate their love for the warm organic sound of acoustic instruments, 3-part harmony works and atmosphere.  They have a deep respect for the old music traditions, but are happy to include less traditional elements with influences from country, bluegrass, rock and much more.