British singer, guitarist and entertainer Martin Dale combines musical proficiency, natural showmanship and an abundance of energy into a crowd pleasing troubadour show that, while aimed at pub audiences, fits any occasion.

With over 30 years of performing experience playing in bands and solo at venues big and small in Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, France, Germany, India, Belgium and The Faroe Isles, he has the confidence to make close contact with any audience.

Specializing in British and Irish folk classics, he also has a repertoire of over 600 pop and rock favorites from artists such as The Beatles, Creedence, Robbie Williams, Queen, The Stones, Clapton, Springsteen and many many more along with his own purpose built compositions. Democratic to the extreme, and able to be a human jukebox, his shows often end up improvised around audience requests.

As well as persuading people to drink, Martin delivers music people like with a big friendly smile.