Count Your Blessings

2020 has been an unusual year.  Many people in lockdown have had to re-assess their lives, their relationships, their finances, their jobs…

their attitudes to life…


A cheerful tale of how life can turn from misery to joy.  Many have lost their livelihoods, people they love, their homes, their freedoms, their rights, their health or their sanity over the last few months…with more uncertainty ahead…

Starting from a dreary morning of negativity, the light husky voice of Martin Dale asks us to do a simple but effective exercise – start each day by counting 10 things we are thankful for.

What you have – not what you’ve not.

A singer-songwriter folk rock acoustic guitar driven vibe with bouncy hammond organ and moog synthesizer (well, a simulation!) bass and 12 string – no drums: we’re happy, chilled and leaning towards Cat Stevens or Al Stewart, with a slightly ’60s vibe.

Martin Dale is a folk singer/singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist and entertainer, who – pandemics aside – tours constantly, mostly in Scandinavia, UK and India.  Lockdown transformed him, along with many other performers into an online streaming artist…he continues his popular Wednesday night live stream events (“The Love Stream”) despite being out gigging again, because it is fun.  He plays all the instruments on this single himself, and is also producer, engineer, manager, road crew and guru…he was in quarantine after all!

Originally from England, Martin has been living in Denmark for the last 20 years, and became a Danish citizen earlier this year.  He is known for a relentless energy, Rod Stewart meets Kelly Jones voice, eccentric performances and an increasingly battered hat.  He lives on a farm on the island of Fyn, surrounded by sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and guitars.

All of which he considers blessings.

Have you remembered to be thankful today.  I’m thankful you took the time to read this and maybe give the song a listen and a play.

I count it among my blessings.


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