So yesterday the first Glastonbury line-up poster was posted.  See it here. So first impressions…

my top 10 bands announced to be playing Glastonbury this year (so far…)

1. Earth Wind and Fire:  if their live show is still what it was in the 70’s…they were the best live act in the world (ask anyone who saw them)

2. Madness:  What’s not to love?

3. ELO:  I saw them without Jeff Lynne a few years ago and they were fantastic:  you forget just how many huge hits they had.  And now with Jeff, though I’ve not checked who else is in.

4. Savages.  Blew the John Peel Stage to pieces last year.  Lovely blokes and utter nutters.

5. Sigur Ros.  Terrific band…crossing fingers that they’ll be on JPS, but we’ll have to wait and see.

6. P.J. Harvey.  Legend.  Nuff said.

7. ZZ Top.  Always wanted to see them live.  You know exactly what you’re going to get.  Southern boogie with cool beards.  And Billy Gibbons is one of my favourite guitarists and a huge influence on my playing.

8. Last Shadow Puppets.  Alex and Miles are Glasto regulars and together they sound fab,

9. Kamasi Wahington.  Jazz with twists!  Love it much more than I usually love jazz.

10.Daughter – Great band.