Acts I didn’t know last week that I’m glad I know of now:

Jim Causley: Ok I knew of him, but hadn’t knowingly heard any of his solo stuff before.  Hugely talented bloke and from the West Country!

And the absolute highlight of the week: Jamie Smith’s Mabon.  This is the band I most want to be in in the world.  Folky dance stuff performed brilliantly on accordian, fiddle and bouzouki with a mega hot rhythm section.  Love it.

I play vinyl every now and then, and occasionally CD’s but most of what I hear these days I hear on Spotify.  Even when I have the album in my collection.  This is because I listen to a lot of new music and Spotify is a great way of finding new stuff, and accessing almost everything else – without me even having to get my arse up off the sofa.  I usually buy the CD’s of artists I really like that I find on Spotify – I recommend that others do to…artists get very little from streaming plays and need album sales to survive and make new music.  But follow me on Spotify if you want to find out what I’m listening to.  You can find my music there too of course!