Another week in the life…

Tuesday is a day off hopefully in the wonderful heat-wave sun we’ve been enjoying…the calm before the storm.

Wednesday I head to Copenhagen to play the Scottish Pub.  I’ll be staying in the capital for rehearsals with Neil Brophy Band Thursday, followed by a gig at The Scottish Pub again in the evening.

Friday there’s another Neil Brophy Band rehearsal and then Brian and I will head off to do a corporate gig as Strong Ale.  Following that I head to Roskilde to play at Mulligans. 9pm until midnight.

Saturday we’re playing with Neil Brophy Band at Dragør Marked at 2pm, then I have a 3 hour drive over to Holstebro to play at Nørrelands Dansested.

Looking forward to Glastonbury Festival in a couple of weeks!