The new album “Bard For Life” is here! Have a listen…More about this release below!

Describe the album:

It’s a stripped back acoustic guitar driven singer songwriter sort of affair. Styles range from blues to folk to reggae.

Who’s on the album?

Mostly me! But backing vocals on a few tracks from Laura Liljendal and there’s a little bit of whistle and didgeridoo from William McLaughlin at the end of the last track.

Why make an album now?

I have a huge backlog of songs that are written but have not been released…and I have to get them out of my head as they take up too much room. So this is the first set of songs that I’m just throwing out there – I have another 4 or 5 albums sitting around awaiting their turn so this gives me the opportunity to start getting on with the next lot.

How was it recorded?

I have a project studio here at Avalon Farm and while it’s not up to the task of doing big band productions I figured it can catch an acoustic guitar and a voice. I recorded bits and pieces over a period of about a year. I could have (and have) waited to see what finances would come in to fund a bigger project, but these songs don’t need more production in my opinion, and it’s more important to me to get them released than to make a big orchestrated art album…one of those will hopefully be on its way though!

Where can I hear it?

On all platforms…links coming here and elsewhere on the site as they appear