So, having realised that I don’t use my news feed here (all the news pops up in the twitter feed to the right anyway), I’m going to use this space to dive into the world of blogging and see how it goes…in the first instance, it will be mostly blogs about music.  Particularly Folk music, Folk Rock, Rock, Indie and Progressive rock.  My hope is to turn this into a forum for exploration and discussion of new music and great stuff you or I may not have heard. To vary it a bit, I’m going to do a different theme each day of the week…though as I’m a novice blogger, I expect I’ll change system and style as I learn!  Here’s the plan so far:

Monday: New music.  Stuff I’ve discovered over the past week that I think is cool.  Not necessarily new music, but new to me.

Tuesday: Random top 10’s for discussion.

Wednesday:  Folk music related stuff.

Thursday: Reviews

Friday: Anything I bloody well feel like – it’s Friday after all.

Weekends you get off!

So there you go.  Enjoy, and come back every day/week and post lots of comments.  New music for this Monday: Lulu and the Lampshades and St. Paul and the Broken Bones.