Hello my brethren folkies…

The second wave is upon us, and even in Denmark, which has managed to stay fairly level headed, the restrictions are mounting.  The newest rules mean that it is pretty much impossible to do any live work.  Anyone has any other kind of work I can do, let me know!

In the meantime there are new singles coming out every month, the next one being It’s Good To Be Here on 1st November…this was supposed to be a summer song celebrating coming back to the world after lockdown, but there was a delay both at mastering and at the distributor, so I had to send it back in the queue…which means it is now a song about being happy about where you are stuck in the new lockdown.

2020 has been a financial H-bomb, but a lot of good has come from it.  I’ve been reading up on vegetable and fruit production; we now have sheep, chickens, ducks and goats (and baby goats in the spring!); I’ve improved my body, mind and found connection to my soul through yoga; I’ve learned a lot of new songs; the Love Stream on Wednesday nights is now an established tradition; Around 20 new songs (I think some of the best I’ve ever written) have been born; Brophy’s Law have been recording and releasing material; and I’ve had some quality time at home…and I was lucky enough to have an OK summer as Denmark opened up for a couple of months.

Hang in there everybody.  We can’t see each other in the flesh, but tune into the Love Stream, keep in touch and keep streaming and playing the music…

This too shall pass

love M