So, tonight – after a week that proves beyond doubt that summer (or as I call it “Silly Season”) is upon us – I’m returning to Marielyst on the island of Falster in Southern Denmark.

First, I’ll explain why it’s silly season.  Apart from the weather enabling the garden here in our beautiful Fyn home blossoming in a thousand glorious ways, and enticing us to spend free evenings round a fire in the wooded glade.  The last 2 weekends have been filled up with afternoon gigs at Kræmmermarkeder (markets held in fields with funfairs and beers!), private parties (birthdays and confirmations) and pub gigs.  This week has included the annual Smediefest which the students at Copenhagen’s Vetenary School have asked me to play at the last 11 years.  This, for me, usually defines the start of summer.

When I first came to Denmark (before I moved here) I played with Rumpus at a place called Motown in the holiday town of Marielyst.  After moving here a year later I played there, or – after motown closed – at the place over the road and then next door, the next many years.  Many of the people I know in this country I know through a connection with Marielyst.  People who’ve seen me play there and then booked me for other stuff, had beers with me, partied with me and so on.

Tonight I play at Café Daisy for the first time, having only played once in Marielyst the last 8 years.  Memory Lane here we come.