So the crazy intensity of the summer gigging schedule has finally eased off and last week I only did 3 gigs!  This week I break all records and only do a weekend at the Old Irish Pub in Frederikshavn – a gig I haven’t played before, and am looking forward to.

So what have I been up to instead?

Well, last Thursday (as I did a couple of days the week before) I was at Media Sounds Studio in Copenhagen recording for the forthcoming Neil Brophy album, which so far is sounding amazing.  The backing vocals went down in no time and I’m well chuffed with them.  I then zapped down to the Scottish Pub to play a 4 hour session there before driving back to the farm on Fyn.

Home at Avalon I continued the sealing of the windows in the studio before driving with the Leprechaun and Vupti the dog over to Helsingør.  Fabulous night at The Old Irish Pub with folks I haven’t seen for a decade and a resurgeance of long forgotten jokes, and some hilarious drunk Swedes.  Had several drinks with various staff members afterwards and caught about 4 hours sleep in the “Dungeon”

Saturday I had breakfast with old friends and a good catch up.  Went for a walk and to inspect a horse with The Leprechaun and her friend, then had fab vegan food courtesy of the artist sometimes known as Michael Donnan.  Saturday night’s gig was less hilarious than the previous, but picked up nicely and ended with a good party by the pool tables with Leprechaun, Steffan, Felix (Lucas) and a bunch of fun people.

Sunday we drove back to Avalon – forgetting en route to drop off the drum kit we’d brought over for Stokkebye. (and having forgotten my guitar on the stage earlier!).  Since then I’ve been recording childrens’ lullabies for the new-born daughter of some friends.  It’s turned out quite nice , so anyone else wanting a copy, let me know.