Feeling blown away by the audiences at the weekend…especially St. Patrick’s day at The Old Irish Pub on Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen – what a huge crowd of party animals!  You Beauties!

Friday I was playing with Strong Ale in the afternoon at Vesterbrogade and then we did the evening at The Old Irish Pub at Frederiksberg.  Saturday afternoon Strong Ale went back to Vesterbrogade for a fantastic gig before crossing town again to play Saturday night with Brophy’s Law (officially still Neil Brophy Band at that point).  A few problems with the sound but a great audience.

Then Sunday – Paddy’s day.  We had no idea how it would work…it being a Sunday and all.  But Steven Cooper did a cracking afternoon set that set Strong Ale up for a great gig at 4:30…and when Brophy’s Law played at 9 o’clock the atmosphere was incredible.  Party people from all over the world all being “Irish” together and dancing and singing to our banjos and bagpipes…love it.