Well…gradually Northern Europe ground to a second lockdown…bit by bit…country and region by country and region…so I now have no gigs left this year.

Hopefully the Brophy’s Law gigs in January are still on: 14th at Turbinen in Randers (this should be Ok whatever – they’ve managed to stay open all the way through) and Amager Bio in Copenhagen (fingers crossed for this one – there can’t be many people in Copenhagen who haven’t already had the virus!!)

Solo gigs will begin again as soon as the Government gives the go ahead…plus the time it takes to make the phone calls and organise the calendar.  Strong Ale are planning big things in small places, but need the Covid go-ahead…so basically…we just have to wait it out and hope that we survive.

Wednesday evening Love Streams have been interrupted by a couple of things that couldn’t be moved (I may not have gigs but I ain’t stopped working!)…but will continue as before each Wednesday whenever possible over on FaceBook.

Take care of each other and hope to see you at the Love Streams and in real life in the not too far distant future!

love and cabbage!