Hey folks…

Another month is upon us and instead of filling your stockings with more Christmas music, my latest single (available 1st December) is a Neil Young inspired song about working animals…Beasts of Burden

The idea came from a notebook belonging to my good friend, ex-bandmate and all round good geezer Ed Conway check out what he does here: https://www.edconwayandtheunlawfulmen.co.uk/ and here:https://losttheplotband.co.uk/).

The notebook contained ideas for an album’s worth of songs…ranging from just song titles to complex stories.  This month’s single had the title “Beasts of Burden” and specified Yak, Buffalo, Camel and I think Bison…it ended up with mules and Shire horses too.

Ed wrote the ideas down for me to turn into a folk music album…which might still happen…but in the mean time I took this idea and another one called “The Frozen Lake” (which will be the next single) and allowed them to grow into whatever seemed to fit…this one went into a sort of Neil Young vibe and the Frozen Lake into a 1970’s prog rock Genesis sort of thing…I decided not to intervene.

Again on this single and the next I am playing all instruments, recorded at Avalon and have put it all together alone…hope you guys enjoy it…links below as soon as it is released!