2 great nights at The Old Irish Pub in Randers.  It’s a really class venue – not in the least pub-like, more a concert experience.  I got the feeling they were used to background music, but (particularly the second night) the audience got involved and was on-side.  One weird drunken buffoon caused a bit of bad vibes:  I love hecklers, but coming onto the stage and shouting at me to play a danish song while I’m in the middle of a song is actually pretty annoying 😉  Anyway, ignore bad behaviour long enough and it tends to go away!

Spent Saturday afternoon walking with a friend in the beautiful nature behind the Rainforest (yes, they have an indoors rainforest).  The river and surrounding nature is stunning, particularly on such a beautiful sunny, winter’s day.  Afterwards I watched an impressive Wolves performance against Newcastle (they didn’t deserve to lose!).

Took the train there and back – got to love a country where the public transport works so well.

This week, I’m off to Marielyst, Falster and then doing weekend gigs in Odense (just up the road)…I think Brian Armstrong will be joining me.  Just waiting for confirmation!