Just back from a weekend on Sjælland again.  Slusen in Fredeiksværk was a delight to play.  A small café type venue, with no room to set up in, but with a lovable and engaged audience and more atmosphere than you’d ever believe you could get in so little room.  Had a fab night.  Stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast in Melby (Karna and Per on Melbyvej).

Had a chilled day in Roskilde on Saturday and then a gig at Mulligans – I’d played there 2 weeks ago and it had been one huge party with everyone singing along, dancing, screaming and clapping.  Well, they made me work for it this time.  But we got there in the end!!!  The first set was good, the second one I died….then the last set was great – proving that a musician should never give up and should give it everything to make sure an evening is a success ever time.  I often wonder when a gig doesn’t seem to be kicking off properly – is it something I’m doing?  It is never the audience’s fault if you have a bad gig…well, I fixed it in the last set and all was well that ended well.  Watching people dancing and everyone singing along to Make mine a Pilsner at the end made my day!

A drive back to Avalon of about 1 1/12 hours and I poured myself a glass of Bowmore 18.  Weekend over.  Time for my weekend to start.